Keep an eye on your K levels

Don’t overlook potassium (K), especially in high value pastures. Potassium is often required by pastures, particularly where hay and silage has been removed, on light sandy soils, in high rainfall areas and on granite-based soils.

  • Potassium is a major nutrient required for healthy plant and animal growth.
  • When rebuilding potassium levels from a low base, it is beneficial to plan several smaller applications using SuPerfect blended with Muriate of Potash rather than make one large application.
  • Care needs to be taken when applying potassium at high rates, as luxury uptake may lead to nutrient imbalances in livestock, which can contribute to animal health issues.
  • Soil testing through the Nutrient Advantage laboratory is a good way to assess the need for potassium. When sampling, be aware that potassium levels may be higher in areas of the paddock where livestock tend to gather.
  • SuPerfect blends well with Muriate of Potash at ratios of between 1:1 and 5:1.
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