Know where you stand with your soil

Your pasture production may be constrained by one or more limiting nutrients. You will achieve the best results by regularly testing your soil and tailoring your application to address deficiencies.

  • When starting a soil testing program, comprehensive soil tests should be taken in every paddock.
  • Use subsequent annual testing to measure phosphorus (Colwell P or Olsen P), potassium (Colwell K) and/or sulphur (KCL 40S).
  • Identify if any soil ameliorants are required.
  • Comprehensive soil tests should be repeated every ve to eight years to check on pH, other cations and trace elements as well as the macro nutrients.
  • Be sure what the best fertiliser types (including blends) and appropriate rates for individual paddocks are, so you are not wasting money.
  • Nutrient Advantage® is Australia’s leading soil testing laboratory and is accredited by NATA and ASPAC.
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