Look to blends for better investment

Sometimes SuPerfect® application every year is not the best plan for every paddock. Strategic use of SuPerfect®/MOP blends may be a better investment.

  • Your soil testing and/or tissue testing will tell you if a boost of potassium or a trace of copper is necessary to address a deficiency.
  • SuPerfect® blends provide the right balance of readily available phosphorus and sulphur to legume-based pastures – plus they meet any additional requirements.
  • When you’re rebuilding potassium levels from a low base, several smaller applications of SuPerfect®/MOP blends tend to be more appropriate than one large treatment.
  • SuPerfect® blends can be tailored to include molybdenum, copper, zinc, boron, cobalt and manganese for simple and effective application in pastures.
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