Fill the winter feed gap

Winter is usually when we face our biggest feed deficits in pasture systems. Nitrogen can be used strategically to assist in growing additional dry matter above normal growth rates.

  • Identify when you are likely to have a feed de cit and plan ahead to apply nitrogen at appropriate times to enhance dry matter production – something usually overlooked in extensive pastures.
  • When using urea and ammonium fertilisers, there may be a lag in availability of nitrate, as these convert to nitrate nitrogen slower in winter.
  • Nitrate nitrogen is the primary source for nitrogen in grasses, as it’s taken up quickly by growing pastures.
  • Consider Cal-Gran® (granular) and Easy N® (liquid), which contain nitrate nitrogen, and are more likely to be effective in winter conditions.
  • Correct grazing management will ensure the nitrogen responses are maximised and animal health issues are avoided.
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