IPF Ground Rules
IPF Ground Rules IPF Ground Rules
IPF Ground Rules


IPF SuPerfect®

Lock in your 2023 supply and price for SuPerfect®, Australia’s leading source of P for pastures. Available from our Geelong or Portland distribution centres, order from participating IPF dealers now and you can:

  1. Lock in your supply - order straight SuPerfect before 22 June 2022 in bulk or one tonne bags and take delivery between 2 January and 28 February 2023.
  2. Lock in a fixed price – when you pre-pay in full by 29 June 2022.
  3. Lock in potential tax benefits - with a June 2022 dated tax invoice.

The Ground Rules for Pasture have been developed to help you maximise your productivity and output.

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Pasture Recovery after Flooding

After the recent flooding, IPF Technical Agronomist Lee Menhenett discusses some timely guidelines to help farmers and agronomists make informed decisions about their flood effected pastures. Covering what happens to pasture during a flooding event, how and when to assess potential damage and some strategies and actions to ensure pastures fully recover.

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Know where you stand with your soil

By regularly testing your soil, you will become aware of what factors may be limiting your pasture production. Achieve the best results by addressing any deficiencies.

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Spread early and stay one step ahead

There are a number of benefits associated with being a step or two ahead when it comes to the timing of your fertiliser application.

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Get productive with P

Phosphorus (P) is key in pasture production. Be sure to make regular deposits – the sooner it’s applied, the sooner you’ll see the benefits.

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Set up with essential S

Sulphur (S) is an essential plant nutrient and important for legume-based pastures. It has been long recognised that sulphate S is effective in supplying S to pastures.

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Keep an eye on your K levels

Potassium (K) is often required by pastures, particularly where hay and silage has been removed, on light sandy soils, in high rainfall areas and on granite-based soils.

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Ask yourself: is this the moment for Moly?

Trace elements play a critical role in helping to maintain a productive, sustainable pasture system. They can also help with maintaining stock health and fertility.

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Go the extra mile with trace elements

Molybdenum may allow you to enhance pasture production using free nitrogen (N). If it has been five years or more since you last applied moly, consider it in your fertiliser program.

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Plan for your pasture establishment

Better establishment means faster pasture growth, less weed competition and a longer period before renovating or re-planting.

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Look to blends for better investment

Sometimes SuPerfect® application every year is not the best plan for every paddock. Strategic use of SuPerfect®/MOP blends may be a better investment.

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Fill the winter feed gap

Winter is usually when we face our biggest feed deficits in pasture systems. Nitrogen can be used strategically to assist in growing additional dry matter above normal growth rates.

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Check out our new Winter/Spring video series for the latest in key nutritional topics, issues and advice from our agronomists on:

IPF Ground Rules

Winter and Spring

The Importance of Trace Elements

Copper and Molybdenum

Nitrogen and Boosta Blends

Spring Hay and Silage Production

Nitrogen Applications in Pasture

Preventing Volatilisation Losses with Green Urea

The essentials for your spring pasture

Green Urea

A stable and efficient way to get extra nitrogen securely into your soil, with reduced losses through volatilisation. Suitable where rainfall or irrigation is unlikely within a few days of application. Learn more >


A quick and staged response for optimum plant availability, EasyN is true liquid nitrogen solution that contains urea, ammonium and nitrate forms of nitrogen. Can be stored in on-farm tanks. Learn more >


Specifically designed for spring pasture blends, combining Nitrogen with other key nutrients essential for plant growth. Can be used with Green Urea NV or blended with other fertilisers. Learn more >

cal-gran Aftergraze

Perfect for nitrogen hungry periods at the end of a grazing rotation. A multi-nutrient fertiliser blend designed for pastures, containing 20.6% nitrogen in the ammonium and nitrate forms, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur and calcium. Learn more >

Blended fertilisers

HOW do they compare?

Products Benefits N P K S Ca Bag tag SDS
  • An easy and flexible way to apply nitrogen
  • Lower volatilisation potential
  • On-farm and ready to use when the conditions are right
  • Easy to apply through the boomspray
  • Minimal variation between nozzles for even application
42.5 - - - - Export Export
  • Protects against nitrogen losses
  • Retained nitrogen can then be used to grow additional pasture dry matter
  • Allows greater flexibility of application timing
  • Reduces nitrogen losses in unfavourable settings such as warm and windy conditions, on drying soils and on high pH soils
46 - - - - Export Export
  • Nitrate nitrogen is available for immediate use
  • The nitrogen form minimises the risk of volatilisation
  • Provides a balance of other nutrients needed to maintain pasture persistence and quality
  • Provides a boost to pastures post grazing
20.6 3 7.5 3.8 4.4 Export Export
  • Boosts overall pasture growth
  • Assists in maintaining and replacing nutrients
  • Protects pasture persistence
  • Supports good soil fertility
23.8 3.7 13 4.1 - Export Export
  • Boosts overall pasture growth
  • Assists in maintaining and replacing nutrients
  • Protects pasture persistence
  • Supports good soil fertility
33 - 11 3 -

*Visit the IPF Product page for specific Boosta range analyses