Hurry, secure your Spring Pasture fertiliser now!

Lock in your supply and price of SuPerfect® and SuPerfect®–Potash blends, Australia’s leading source of P and S for pastures. Talk to your local dealer about prepaying in June to lock in your supply, available from August through to Dec 2023 (or to Feb 2024 in Vic and Tas).

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Flexibility with Green Urea NV

Take a moment with our Technical Agronomist Fiona McDonald and find out how Green Urea NZ provides logistical flexibility and potentially produces more feed at a lower cost.

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Economics of Spring N

IPF’s Feed Cost Calculator can help determine the return on nitrogen investment, which can be influenced by application rate and fertiliser product among other factors.

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Green Urea NV

Coming into spring, keep nitrogen where it’s needed and reduce volatilisation losses by up to 70% by adding Green Urea to your blends.

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Green Boosta Range

Accelerate dry matter production coming out of winter with the tactical use of Green Boosta to maintain nutrient levels in your soil profile.

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Nitrogen and Boosta blends

Choose from our range of Green Boosta blends to boost your spring pasture, silage or hay production. Or have your agronomist design an IPF Green Custom Blend to suit your soil.

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Nitrogen Applications in Pasture

Technical Agronomist Lee Menhenett discusses nitrogen applications in pasture and how to prevent volatilisation losses with Green Urea

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